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Aliso Creek Water Reclamation Facility

Aliso Creek

The Aliso Creek Water Reclamation Facility (ACWRF) is an innovative water harvesting and treatment system that improves the quality of the local recycled water supply as it removes polluted runoff in Aliso Creek and improves the local ocean environment. It is located in Aliso Canyon at the Coastal Treatment Plant, about 1.5 miles inland from Aliso Beach.

How it Works


The facility recovers and treats urban runoff from Aliso Creek and blends it with water from the Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) system to reduce the salinity of the recycled water supply. The facility can also treat water from the AWT system to supplement runoff. Recycled water is used to irrigate golf courses, parks, school grounds, street medians and other commercial and public landscaped areas.

The facility taps into a new source of local water supply, reduces poor quality urban runoff from reaching nearby Aliso Beach, and helps restore Aliso Creek to natural conditions. Ultimately, it conserves much-needed drinking water by ensuring high-quality, low-salt recycled water for landscape irrigation.

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The Value to You and the Environment


The facility provides multiple benefits to customers, the community, and the local environment:

  • Increased recycled water use
  • Increased recycled water supply 
  • Drought-proof supplies for irrigation
  • Conservation of potable water
  • Less reliance on imported water
  • Improved watershed and ocean environment – when polluted runoff in Aliso Creek is recovered and reused

Project Background

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