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Erdman Selected Chair

Dennis Erdman named chair of the South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA)

Sept 2, 2020, the South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) named South Coast Water District Board President Dennis Erdman chair of the SOCWA board of directors. Mr. Erdman is a longtime resident of Capistrano Beach and a respected retired civil engineer.

SOCWA is a Joint Powers Authority governed by a ten-member board of directors, with one director appointed to represent each member agency. The agency was formed in 2001 when the Southeast Regional Reclamation Authority (SERRA), Aliso Water Management Agency (AWMA), and South Orange County Reclamation Authority (SOCRA) consolidated.

The board works to oversee and govern the agency, which treats the wastewater of more than 500,000 homes and businesses across South Orange County. SOCWA’s three primary treatment facilities can treat upward of 26 million gallons of wastewater(sewage) per day.

Annually the board elects two of its members to serve one-year terms as chairman and vice Chairman. Each director has equal voting rights, which are comprised of representatives from its 10 member agencies. Those agencies include El Toro Water District, Emerald Bay Service District, Irvine Ranch Water District, City of Laguna Beach, Moulton Niguel Water District, City of San Clemente, South Coast Water District, City of San Juan Capistrano, Santa Margarita Water District, and Trabuco Water District.

President Erdman served as a director for various special districts in South Orange County, including as a director for 16 years at Tri-Cities Municipal Water District and a director for 8 years at Capistrano Bay Park and Recreation District. President Erdman also served as general manager of the Capistrano Beach Sanitary District and Capistrano Beach County Water District. Before that, he was the general manager of the Mammoth Community Water District.

Mr. Erdman was elected to a four-year term of office for the South Coast Water District in November 2014. He was reelected in November 2018. Erdman is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology and a registered civil engineer. Erdman and his wife, Virginia, live in Capistrano Beach and have four children and ten grandchildren.