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Partners like you, in times like these

Water is, of course, a most essential service. Daily, our teams continue to perform their duties of delivering and cleaning our drinking and recycled water, and cleaning and disposing of our wastewater so that our community can continue to live and work as best as possible. As President of the South Coast Water District, my heartfelt and sincerest thanks go to our team, who are ensuring our community’s water is safe, clean and available—no matter what.

South Coast Water District supplies water, recycled water, and wastewater services to most of Dana Point, South Laguna Beach, and parts of San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano—and we’ve done so for almost 100 years. We are certainly used to planning for drought and rainy days, but weathering this pandemic “storm” certainly makes us grateful to our past and present District leaders who have prioritized safety, resilience and environmental stewardship.

April is often a time that we celebrate our environment and our responsibility to protect it. This year, on April 22, our nation celebrated 50 years of Earth Day, reminding us that protecting our environment today will ensure that our world will be livable and sustainable for years to come.

And that is what drives our work at South Coast Water District. We believe that all resources are valuable and, as a purveyor of a natural resource, we have a responsibility to perform environmental stewardship and protection whenever possible. Whether it’s drinking water, recycled water or wastewater, it is water all the same, and we recognize that all water plays an important part in our quality of life. Earth Day doesn’t feel like a one-day celebration for us—it’s a daily commitment we make to protecting, conserving and caring for our natural environment. 

We do our best to protect it through planning, infrastructure maintenance and project implementation. From significant community-led conservation efforts, to daily water quality monitoring and to diversifying our water portfolio with desalination, South Coast Water District has a history—and a culture—of taking on and leading efforts to ensure the proper care of our natural resources.

So while we may not be able to host a celebration—or gather at all—to celebrate 50 years of environmental stewardship and protection, South Coast Water District is playing our part in protecting and sustaining our community’s incredible natural environment and resources to honor the wonder and beauty of our coastal community. And we’d like to ask you to join in with us.

Here are 10 ways you can celebrate 50 years of Earth Day at home with us!

  1. Start a small herb garden or invest in some house plants.
  2. Fix that leaky faucet you’ve been meaning to get to.
  3. Eat a plant-based meal or forgo meat for the day.
  4. Watch a nature documentary series as a family.
  5. Get the kids involved! Plan a nature scavenger hunt or a family science experiment.
  6. Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth.
  7. Wash laundry in cold water—and always wait until you have a full load.
  8. Never flush wipes! Even the “flushable” ones will clog our wastewater system.
  9. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.
  10. Raise awareness on your social media channel.

Thank you for helping South Coast Water District protect the environment for our community today and for generations to come! 

Dennis Erdman is the President of the South Coast Water District.