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Covid-19 Update - 3.17.2020

South Coast Water District remains committed to providing reliable, uninterrupted service to our customers.


Protecting public health and the environment is of utmost importance to the South Coast Water District. We will continue to provide the essential service of water delivery and wastewater collection to our community.  Our water is safe and plentiful. The coronavirus has no impact on the quality or safety of your drinking water.

Our offices and facilities remain closed to the public. We are available by telephone and email to answer your questions and service issues Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

All essential board and committee meetings will be held by conference call. The community is welcome to listen in and submit comments to the board via email and participate via conference call. 

Please do not attempt to flush wipes, paper towels, napkins, or other products labeled “flushable.”  These do cause blockages that can result in sewer overflows in your homes and block or damage our pipes and pumps.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Contact us:

Phone (949) 499- 4555

Customer Service (949) 342- 1140



For more information, please visit