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Board Votes on Ocean Desalination

November 28, 2017 

On November 17, the South Coast Water District Board of Directors voted to take the next step in the planning process for a possible ocean desalination plant at Doheny State Park.

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Don’t let it be a memory: the value of a drop

April 27, 2017 

We take it for granted. Just turn the faucet on, and it’s there. Water. High quality, safe, and reliable water. Over the past five years, we learned to value it a little bit more. The drought forced us to look at where our water comes from, and how precarious our water supply is in south Orange County.

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June 5, 2014 
Water Supply Alert - Do More With Less Water. Learn more here.

It’s Fix-a-Leak Week!

March 18, 2014 
This is the time of year when the U.S. EPA reminds us to fix leaky plumbing fixtures and sprinkler systems immediately -- or risk wasting thousands of gallons of water.
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Get The Low Down Before You Dig Down

April 22, 2013 
Earth Day gets top billing in April, but did you know that this month also marks National Safe Digging Month? So join us as we celebrate these two causes to help protect the environment and our local communities.
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General Manager Mike Dunbar Announces Retirement

October 3, 2012 
South Coast Water District General Manager Mike Dunbar announced his retirement effective October 12, 2012 last Friday at a special Board meeting. At that meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Assistant General Manager/District Counsel Betty Burnett Interim General Manager.
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Water Quality Notice

September 28, 2011 
Your tap water remains 100% safe to drink while Metropolitan Water District addresses temporary taste and odor issues
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New Rates & Charges Took Effect on July 1, 2011

July 27, 2011 

New water and sewer rates and charges took effect on July 1, 2011 to cover the rising cost of imported water, the development of local water supplies, and essential improvements to water and sewer facilities for reliable long-term service.

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