A New Local, Drought-proof Supply

The Doheny Ocean Desalination Project would end reliance on imported water.

The Project would create a critical community benefit: a reliable, local and drought-proof water supply that does not rely on expensive imported water and creates minimal impact on the environment.

Today, imported water from Northern California and the Colorado River comprises about 85 percent of our supply during normal rainfall years. In two to three years that number should drop to 80 percent with an increase in groundwater recovery. If the District decides to pursue desalination, in five years, it could provide 75 percent of our supply while dramatically reducing our imported water reliance to only five percent.

The tables below illustrate the dramatic shift that could occur in the makeup of our future supplies from a portfolio consisting of groundwater, recycled water, and desalinated water, all of which would represent local supplies.

Doheny Desalination Chart