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High Tech Leak Hunt

District conducts state-of-the-art leak detection survey

At South Coast Water District, we know that every drop counts! We maintain a highly efficient water distribution system, and we always strive to reduce the risk of potable (drinking) water loss. To help us accomplish this task, we are conducting a leak detection survey in conjunction with Water Systems Optimization, Inc.

The work is happening now through March 2018.

Skilled technicians from Water Systems Optimization will use state-of-the-art electronic sonic detection and correlation instruments to locate and document leaks. The District has authorized Water Systems Optimization to open the lids of meter boxes, access valves and related equipment in order to complete the work.

A District employee will accompany the technicians. No work will be performed inside your home. The technicians will not need to enter your home. It’s expected that there will be minimal to no disruption to your water service during the leak detection process.

If you have any questions, please call (949) 499-4555, ext. 1, or email us at

Thank you for your cooperation in the fight against water leaks!