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Residential Rates

Water & Sewage Usage Rates

Current Rates and Charges, effective on July 1, 2016.
These rates and charges are part of a five-year adjustment. For more detail, please read Ordinance 223.

Water Usage Rates

All Single-Family Residences
1 unit of water=1 CCF=748 Gallons
Water Usage
Per Unit of Water
Effective 7/1/16
First 1-5 units $2.54
6-18 units $2.68
19 + units $2.83

Typical Monthly Bills

Single-Family Residences, 2-3 Residents
Typically 10 Units of Water per Month (low water use)
Typically Monthly Bill - 10 Units of Water
Effective 7/1/16
Water Usage $26.10
Total Monthly Bill $26.10
Single-Family Residences, 3-4 Residents
Typically 20 Units of Water per Month (high water use)
Typically Monthly Bill - 20 Units of Water
Effective 7/1/16
Water Usage $53.20
Total Monthly Bill $53.20

Annual Water & Sewer Service Charges

Annual Water Service Charges
Water Meter
Effective 7/1/16
¾ inch $257.70
1 inch $429.50

Most single-family residences have ¾-inch or 1-inch water meters. If you have a larger meter, please call us for rates: (949) 499-4555, ext 1.

Peak Demand Charge

A water charge based on peak demand for Single-Family Residences, Multi-Family Residences, Potable Irrigation, and Commercial. Peak Demand is the second highest demand month during the preceding year.

(1 CCF = 748 Gallons)

Rates Effective 7/1/16

Demand Charge


Annual Sewer Service Charges
WQA* Effective 7/1/16
0-5 units $554.00
6-10 units $603.00
11 + units $690.00

*The annual sewer service charge for single family residential customers will be based on a Winter Quarter Average (WQA). This will be based on the average of the prior fiscal year usage of winter months (December, January, and February) when outdoor usage is minimal.