How to Check for Water Leaks

Water Leaks

One of the best methods for determining the existence of a leak is to take actual water meter readings. This method will allow you to check the entire plumbing system for water leaks.

To do this, take a water meter reading before a period when no one will be using water in the house for several hours, such as before you leave for work or before you go to bed. Then take another meter reading when you get home or when you wake up, before any water is used.

Water Meter

If no water was used, then the two readings should be the same. If they are not (and you cannot account for the use by a humidifier, ice cube maker, toilet flush, or water softener), you probably have a leak and further investigation is recommended.

South Coast Water District does not repair leaks inside your home. The District's responsibility for repairs ends at the water meter. All pipelines and devices on the customer's side of the meter are the responsibility of the customer. Likewise, all facilities on the District's side of the meter (including the meter) are repaired and maintained by the District.

For additional assistance call our customer service department at (949) 499-4555, ext.1.

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