Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

Reservoir A1

Project Need

South Coast Water District's Reservoir 1A is an important part of South Laguna's water infrastructure. The reservoir holds more than half a million gallons of drinking water. The reservoir requires safety, seismic and structural improvements to stay in good working order. The interior and exterior of the reservoir's tank need to be recoated.


  • Anticipated project dates: October 2018 – March 2019.
  • Late October 2018: Equipment and materials will be transported to the site. Work will begin about a week after materials arrive.
  • Work will occur Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 4 PM.


The reservoir is located near Driftwood Drive and Ocean Vista Drive. No modifications to the existing landscaping, perimeter walls/fences or access driveway are planned.

To bring construction materials and equipment to the site, flatbed trucks and trailers will travel on Wesley, Marilyn, Driftwood and Ocean Vista Drives, and the paved access road up to the tank site.
The paved access road may be intermittently blocked to allow construction vehicles to pass safely.


  • Residents and visitors are asked to comply with all posted parking restrictions.
  • Please be alert when driving or walking near the site.


Normal construction noise will likely include, but is not limited to:

  • Trucks with backup indicators entering, exiting and idling.
  • Equipment moving materials and dirt.
  • Sand-blasting equipment (compressor, gen-set) for removal of external and internal paint.
  • Dehumidification equipment used to control humidity and temperature during paint curing.

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We appreciate your cooperation during this important infrastructure rehabilitation project!