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Project Background

South Coast Water District will be completing a construction project on Pacific Coast Highway. The District must replace an existing 10-inch recycled water pipe with 16-inch pipe in PCH from Aliso Way to 10th Avenue. We will also install 200 feet of 16-inch pipe in Aliso Way.

The pipe carries 300 million gallons of recycled water each year from our Advanced Water Treatment Facility to recycled water customers in the District. As part of this project, a recycled water line will also be constructed to Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. The recycled water is mainly used for irrigation and leaves more drinking water available for all District customers (including South Laguna).

Project Need

The current pipe is at risk of failing due to high pressure and velocity. It is critical that we replace the pipe before the high-pressure line ruptures, sending recycled water onto the street and compromising the integral structure of the roadway.

A rupture of the 10-inch line could cause a catastrophic main break with more than 1 million gallons of recycled water spilling over a couple of hours.

"We understand how difficult this project will be for the community. However, we must complete this project before there is a critical failure. We believed we have worked hard on a plan that will result in the least impact on residents and commuters," District General Manager Andy Brunhart said.

Work Schedule

Update 3/29/2017

  • The nighttime construction is now expected to start on Tuesday, April 11, at 10:00 pm.

Update 3/26/2017

  • The nighttime construction is expected to start on Sunday, April 2, at 10:00 pm. 
  • Work will take place within the No.1 northbound lane (lane closest to the center of the road) of Coast Highway. The District does not anticipate any city street closures or detours 
  • Work schedule: Night work only, Sunday - Thursday, 10 PM - 6 AM, two crews working
  • Work duration for this alternative is estimated at 28 workdays or 1.4 months
  • We will continue to post updates as they become available.

Background on the Work Schedule Selection Process
Ten different potential work schedules were developed including Night work, Day work, 24/7 work, or a combination. All of the alternatives would cause disruption to the community. On May 18, 2016, the South Laguna Beach Civic Association and South Coast Water District cohosted a South Laguna Beach Community meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to share with the South Laguna Beach Community the details of the Project and work schedule alternatives, and to receive the sense of the community (community preference) among the work schedule alternatives. The South Laguna Beach Community members favored one alternative (night work only, Sunday - Thursday, 10 p.m. – 6 a.m., two crews working) by almost 3:1 over the next closest alternatives. South Coast Water District committed to support the alternative the South Laguna Beach Community selected. The City of Laguna Beach also supports the preference of the South Laguna Community for night construction.


The potholing work was completed early Monday, March 20. The potholing and surveying results will be sent to designers to make the final changes on the plans.  

Learn more about the potholing phase of the project.

Project Cost

The cost of the project is estimated to be $2.3 to $2.9 million dollars. The District is receiving a Prop 84 State Grant that would provide $750,000 for construction.